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Behold the Birthday Boy

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Austria is in quite a tizzy over their favorite son’s 250th birthday.

Franz Joseph Haydn was reported to have said to Mozart senior:

Before God, and as an honest man I tell you that your son is the greatest composer known to me, either in person or by name. He has taste and, what is more, the most profound knowledge of composition.

mozart_small.gif Schuman said of Mozart that “[t]here are things in the world about which nothing can be said, as Mozart’s C Major Symphony (No. 41), much of Shakespeare and pages of Beethoven.” Tchaikovsky called him the “music Christ.”

In his all too brief lifetime, Mozart wrote at least 41 symphonies, 26 string quartets, 10 instrumental quintets, 17 piano sonatas, 42 violin sonatas, 27 piano concertos, 40 divertimenti and serenades, 19 masses, 42 arias, and many songs.

Here is but a sample:
Lodron, Concerto No. 7 in F Major, K252 — Rondo, Tempo de Menuetto [6MB mp3]

SOURCE: Classical Music: The 50 Greatest Composers of All Times and Their 1,000 Greatest Works (Ballentine Books, 1992), ISBN-0-449-90356-7.

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