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Beauty Is Only Skin Deep, But…

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ugly? Well, it’s to the BONE, baby. And sometimes it’s not about outward appearances either.

I started to add my comment to MisFitting‘s post about Amy Frey, the woman allegedly having an affair with Scott Peterson, whose pregnant wife, Laci, has been missing almost a month to the day. Although he’s not been named as a suspect, he’s not being ruled out (brilliant detective work, that).

Anyway, the Misfit posted about Amy Frey and her lack of cover-girl good looks and insisted Frey’s looks DO matter. To whom? Apparently not to Scott.

Misfit darned near drowned in her own shallow pool of derision when she uttered this gem:

And why would he go to all that trouble for a mousey little dweeb with a toddler.

Just about the time I started to form the thought, And if she’d been drop-dead gorgeous instead of butt-ugly, would that have made it OKAY?, Misfit backpeddled with this statement, added almost as an afterthought:

Even if it turns out he had nothing to do with her disappearance, he has shown himself to be the “compleate” cad: by cheating on his pregnant wife. It doesn’t get much lower than that.

What a frightenening empty life the shallow, vainglorious person must lead. Shut off as he/she is by his/her own set of rules about how people should look. Too fat, too skinny, not pretty or handsome enough? What about the heart, the soul, the character. All these things on the inside, these are the things that matter. Is an apple no less rotten that is rotting from within? Just because you are beautiful does not automatically make you less of a bitch or an asshole.

Remember this, the next time you yammer on about someone’s physical appearance and how dowdy or “mousey” someone appears to you. They might be judging you too, but on a far higher standard, one to which you could never rise. And remember this as well: To many, and possibly to Misfit‘s misguided standards of beauty, this guy was a looker, too.

And reprinted in full, for your pleasure, is the comment as it rolled from my fingers, directed to Misfit‘s post, cited above:

Aack. Loretty (as “Doo” would have said), just about the time you REDEEM YOURSELF, you go and post this! I agree with the majority above who feel that looks really aren’t incidental in the assessment of Ms. Frey’s character (or lack thereof). It is the heighth of shallowness (and naievete) to believe that it is looks, and looks alone that get you noticed. And of course, it all depends on what you want to be noticed for.
Like a friend of mine who whined to me that her husband was stepping out on her with a girl three times my friend’s size, which as you can imagine did not bode well with me to begin with (but my friend and I have that kind of relatioship and I can tell the skinny bitch where to go and how to get there!), and had the nerve to wonder what the other woman had that she didn’t have…. well, SOMETHING drew him to her and quite evidently it’s something you lack. So take a long look at yourself and figure out what’s missing from YOUR character. I bet you’ll find that you need a lot more than some mascara and a little foundation to make the kind of heavy duty moral and emotional repairs needed to even begin to think you can attract another human being.
Of course, I never said that to her. I hope, however, that she was smart enough to figure it out for herself. By the time the jump the fence, it’s too late to wonder.

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