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Beats Me

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This “Too Good” (to be true?) (Madeline Gorman) caught on tape beating her child is appalling. And this to me, a child raised “by the belt.” Steve (Rocket) Rosen, who gained fame representing the Branch Davidians and practices here in Houston, claims that police took the tape out of context. Uh, what context, exactly, should they have taken it in? Fun and games? She was swatting a mosquito?

It’s one thing to spank a child, but repeated batterings, which is what it looked like to me was being administered, should be dealt with harshly by the justice system. Children repeat in their adult lives what they learn at home. I was fortunate in that even though I got my share of “whippings,” I never once thought I was not loved. I knew I was loved even as my mother was strapping me. And I got more “whippings” as I got older (and got a sassy mouth on me) than I did as a small child.

I will be interested to see how this all shakes out. She’s supposed to meet Rosen in Chicago tomorrow and turn herself in.

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