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Be(at) My Baby Tonight

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You know, this post has been a long time coming. Many times, I’ve thought about posting this, after reading about some especially heinous crime perpetrated against a child by its mother’s boyfriend. Heaven knows, and sadly, there have been way more opportunities for that than I would like.

And to some extent, maybe I can understand what drove these women to choose men who are likely to do something like this. I’ve been of the mindset, long ago, that I am nothing without a man. If a man wants me, loves me, then AND ONLY THEN, am I worthy of love. And in some cases (not mine, fortunately), any old man will do. In all of the cases outlined below, these men had criminal records, which these women either failed to check out or ignored. In some cases, they only knew these men briefly. In one case, a mother of a special needs child decided her sexual needs overrode her duty to protect her children. The mind reels.

I’m not a mother, I’ve never given birth, I have no children, and live a CFC lifestyle. It’s not that I don’t like children, I just like them better when they’re not around. I love well-behaved, neat, clean, polite children. Unfortunately, there are too few of those in the world. But no child, no matter how much of a brat he or she might be, deserves to be beaten, and especially not beaten to death. That sentiment goes beyond one a parent would have, but is from the standpoint of a human being. Killing is wrong, and you don’t have to be a religious fanatic to comprehend that. And why some of these mothers aren’t behind bars, rotting in prison next to their ill-chosen boyfriends, is beyond me. In some cases, they are just as culpable as the one who actually caused the child’s death.

Samantha Muchowicz (2 years)

The most tragic case of all, in my opinion, is that of little Samantha Muchowicz, a two-year old Warsaw, Indiana toddler left in the care of her mother’s boyfriend, Ian J. Clarke, while the mother (Matara Muchowicz) worked (and the BF obviously did not). Here’s a link to the Indiana Supreme Court opinion upholding Clarke’s conviction. The medical and forensic details of her death are horrific. The coroner said it was the worst case in his 30 years of practice. Evidence showed that Samantha likely was still alive when she sustained a majority of these injuries, any one of which alone could have killed her. What a horrible way to suffer and die.

Emma Thompson (4 years)

The case of little four-year old Emma Thompson hits really close to home. It happened in the bedroom community of The Woodlands just up I-45 North. Here, the mother, Abigail Young, was a registered nurse at the Women’s Hospital of Texas. Little Emma had oral and genital herpes, which the mother (a NURSE, remember) explained away to CPS, by saying she must have come in contact with some who had herpes at the YMCA. Shut the fuck up, bitch. In addition to that, this “mother” further endangered not only Emma, but her other two children, by lying to CPS when they asked her if anyone else was living in the house at the time. And of course, Lucas R. Coe, Young’s boyfriend, had been living there for nearly a year when that question was posed. It’s all very hard to stomach, and to comprehend how a mother could act this way toward her own child. Abigail Young was in fact sentenced to 20 years for child endangerment. Last September 2010, Coe was sentenced to life for super aggravated rape, a charge which carries no possibility of parole. Stick a fork in this asshole.

Hayden Vickers (2 years)

This case centers around an Abilene family of a special-needs child, Hayden Vickers, who was murdered by his mother’s boyfriend, Franklin Ramey, Jr.. The boy had suffered such a blow to the head that his retina became detached. But according to the boy’s mother, Amber Vickers, Ramey had never yelled at her children or spanked them. (Okay, THAT I might be able to forgive; I was raised by the belt myself and see nothing wrong with it if it’s necessary. But to beat a child to DEATH? Geddoudahere.) The criminal case is ongoing.

Tony Hack (4 Years)

Tony Hack, just four years old, died because his mother is a dumb twat and her boyfriend is a sadistic killer. Johnny Juliot is being held on a half a million dollar bond in the death of James Anthony (Tony) Hack. His mother, Tara Hack, left Tony in the care of a man who (1) she didn’t know very long; and who (2) beat the shit out of her. What did she THINK was going to eventually happen? She’s just as guilty as Juliot as far as I’m concerned. The criminal case on this one, too, is ongoing.

Joshua Williams (2 Years)

joshuawilliams The latest case is out of Houston, Texas. Charles Edward West is accused, after months of forensic investigation after the boy’s death in December 2010, of felony murder through reckless bodily injury. The mother, Tiffany Williams, was allegedly in the kitchen making dinner when West returned home from his maintenance job in the apartment complex where the couple and her children lived, when the child was discovered by West unresponsive in his bedroom (after a beating he had just administered). Because he had hit the child before, West begged Williams not to call police. She tried running water over the toddler to revive him (WTF?) and then West called his mother, who in a fit of good judgment, advised her son to call 911. Again, this animal has a history of abusing this child, and this fucktard of a mother has no clue? [I should point out to you that there are conflicting stories about what actually happened that evening in December; I’m sure it will all come out during his trial.]

Women, please. No man is worth your child’s life, safety or well-being. You can get by just fine without a man in your life, especially a bad man. And if he hits YOU, and you have kids or pets, he’s damn sure going after them, too. Make no mistake about it.


  1. Christine Villasenor

    When it comes to the Samantha Muchowicz story, there were many things that never came out in the trial. Like how the mother of this little girl had suffered abuse many times at the hands of Ian Clark. I remember a couple times of her phone calls to the baby’s father, asking him to save her from him. When the father asked to take custody of his daughter, she refused after she found out that she could get money out of him. Then she made it sound as if the father never gave her money. Which the records show he paid every payment, it was the State of Indiana that would always get the check messed up. The judge back then gave the mother custody, even though she had no residence or job. I became a CASA volunteer just for this reason. It was the best thing I ever did. Because our courts back then, failed this precious little girl.


  2. Michelle

    I want to share my story. It relates directly to Baby Samantha Muchowiez. In Nov of 2005 I met Ian Clark. He was very good at making lonely women who feel like they don’t deserve anything better in life, feel like a princess, if only for a short while. He was a good liar and a manipulator. I was a single mother, with 2 sons, ages 2 and 15 months. I was on the verge of losing my apartment, and was about to be living out of my car. He allowed us to move in with him. I was still working in Peru, which was almost 2 hours away. He was “laid off” (which later I found out he was really just selling drugs, and didn’t have a real job.) He watched my boys for me while I worked. I would come home and find marks on my babies. He always had an excuse. they fell off the couch and hit the coffee table. He ran into the wall, he touched the space heater. And like a fool I always believed him. New Years Eve, I took my babies to family for a party. My youngest had a horrible sore on his mouth. They talked me into taking him the the ER to get him checked. Only way I called Ian and said where we were going. He met me there, and convinced me that the hospital would turn me in for abuse since I didn’t get him medical attention sooner. He insisted we go home, and have his nurse friend look at him. It turns out my family had called the police. When we got back to Warsaw, we did nothing but fight. I wanted to get my baby looked at. I told him he was just careless. I did not believe he hurt my baby on purpose, but that he wasn’t being as careful as he should have been. I went to work that night, and when I got back, my oldest son had a black eye. That was it. I broke up with him, and went back to Peru with the intent of either finding my brother or my grandmother to live with. My brother was in jail at the time, but I knew he had money in the bank. I was going to ask for his debit card, so I could get us a trailer together, like we had been talking about doing once he was out. The police came out to talk to me, and asked me to back with them. They asked about my sons lip. So I told them everything that I had been told. He fell while I as at work. I even told them why I was there. That I left Ian, and was wanting to talk to my brother about borrowing money to get a place! The officer told me that family had turned me in for child abuse, and I was being arrested! I was hysterical! I screamed and cried! They called in CPS, and took my babies away! They took me to the state police station, and questioned me again! I told them everything that Ian had told me! I told them I wanted to take him to the ER but Ian convinced me not to. I was in jail for 34 hours. The cops who questioned me said that they hoped I never got my kids back! It was the worst feeling in the world. Non of my family was there for me. I felt so alone! Ian was the only one that seemed to care. He said he was going to help me get them back. He even went to the police and told them what he told me. The police had it in their report that I seemed more conniving than Ian!! Even now it makes me sick!! I lost custody of my babies for 11 1/2 months. During this time I started dating Ian again, because I thought he was the only one who loved me. My family is who called the police. They got me arrested, and nothing ever happened to Ian over it! In February I got pregnant. That pregnancy is the only thing that saved my life. I was so depressed I couldn’t move, i couldn’t walk, I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep. I lost my job. I was useless. Ian was sure to let me know that my depression was boring, and he started cheating on me with Matara. Samantha’s mother. I found out later the only reason he wanted to stay with me was to make sure that I didn’t “turn” on him! My son was born in October, and I saw Ian once after that. When I found out about Matara his family started talking to me, and making me see how he really was. Once I got away from his lies and manipulation, I could see what kind of a monster he really was. One of Matty’s friends even messaged me on myspace saying how much she hated this man, and how evil he was and how she worried about her friend. I called Matty and warned her about what happened with my boys, and for her not to leave her daughter alone with him. I said if she ever did, I would be calling CPS. You have no idea how much I hate myself now for not doing that. For not doing more. For not pressing charges! For not making him pay for what he did! My babies are alive and well, and do not remember what happened. They are home with me and their 3 other siblings. We are all happy and thriving in our new lives. But there is not a day that goes by that I do not think about Samantha. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about how much worse it could have been.


  3. Joni

    Michelle, it took a lot of courage to come on here and tell your story, a story that must be told and retold, to stop these animals from abusing and killing children and their mothers. My heart goes out to you and what you must feel every day. Be grateful that your children were spared and that they will grow up without knowing this kind of trauma. You did the right thing! {{hugs}}


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