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Bear With Me….

Posted by Joni in General

just a little while longer while I iron out the kinks in this new stylesheet. Some of the pages don’t display just right. I’m looking in the MT forum for answers. But for the most part, everything (all the same old dull content you’ve come to expect) is still intact.

I finally incorporated the MT-Search feature from Jay Allen‘s website into the blog and got rid of the freebie CGI search function from FreeFind. (I still use it on my other sites, though; it’s quite handy!)

I’ve also customized my HTTP 404 (Page Not Found) page (yep, one of the benefits of being a domain-atrix!)…. And that’s what you’ll see if you click on the Blogging Resources link on the left, since I am only about a third of the way through writing up that page. But hopefully it will be a nice resource when it’s finished.

It’s raining like mad here. Simon is at my feet and Sunny is keeping my side of the bed warm. Which brings me to my next point….

Goodnight everyone. I’ll have the Sunday Drive (gullwing Mercedes Coupe) up tomorrow after brunch.

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