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Back. It. Up.

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The recent kerfuffle involving the weblogs.com blogs gone wild should remind everyone that anything can happen so it’s best to have a backup of your work. Believe me, I learned the hard way, having lost some data a couple of years ago when a hard disk died (would you trust your data to the equivalent of a rusty old pie plate?).

Here are links to backup procedures for most of the popular blogging tools out there:


MovableType … This is an article from the Learning Movable Type blog, and it is instructions on surviving a web server move, but it’s basically the steps you’d want to take to secure not only your data (the entries themselves), but your templates also.

WordPress … this is a hack for 1.0 and below. WP 1.2 users will have to manually backup their templates and MySQL database, as far as I can tell.

pMachine … this just backs up the MySQL database, so you’ll want to go to your Admin control panel and copy and paste all of your templates (if you have modified them). Just save them in Notepad or your favorite HTML editor.

Any program running on a MySQL database can be exported to a *.sql file and saved to your hard drive or removable media for safekeeping, via the PHPAdmin Panel, found on most CPanel consoles.

If anyone needs help with this, just drop me a line.

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