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Auction Finds (or: Shop ‘Til You Drop)

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While Robert watches Monday Night Football, I and my neighbor go to our favorite auction. We make a night of it. It’s a relaxed atmosphere, English antiques and knick-knacks. There’s also food, JB’s barbecue, so you won’t go hungry. We show up about an hour before the auction starts, chow down, register, grab our paddles and the fun begins.

We’ve both furnished our homes from top to bottom with finds from this place. Here are two examples I’m quite proud of.

First this architectual piece, it’s from an old mantel. I had been looking for just such an item to use as a “headboard” above our bed. I think it’s perfect. Cost: $50.


The second item is something I found just this past Monday! I’d been looking for something to put my laptop in, since I use it in the bedroom. It was kind of awkward and cumbersome sitting on the bed with it. This piece does double duty. When it’s not busy as a place to do some portable surfing, it stores all my laptop goodies, and there’s drawer and shelf space underneath. Sorely lacking in our bedroom.


And the best part of all, it fit in the back of my sports car! Cost: $45.


A closeup of the bun feet, which I really like. You can also see a woven footstool that I bought for Simon, since our bed is so high, the old guy needs a bit of help getting up on the bed. You guessed it! Auction find; ten bucks.


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