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Are You Prepared?

Posted by Joni in General

Living in San Diego, a BIG military city, we’ve been bombarded with urgent “war preparedness” recommendations.

First, we need enough food and water to last us three days. Apparently, this state of emergency will only last that length of time. Or, we’ll die and it won’t matter.

Second, we need duct tape. Yes. As we all know, duct tape can be used for damn near everything. You can even, in an emergency, use duct tape to hold wounds closed.

Third, we need plastic sheeting. Why? To “seal” our homes in the event of biological or chemical attacks. Do I really need to point out the idiocy of shrink-wrapping our houses? We’d need to be in hermetically sealed cocoons with self-sustaining air supplies to make this work. The average house has more leaks than a sieve. There is NO WAY to seal a house. Even with those termite tents…there isn’t a true seal.

Gas prices skyrocketing…..asking people to buy plastic sheeting. Even the duct tape is made up of some plastic. Hmmm….it all comes down to petroleum products. Me thinks W is trying to inject some health and wealth into his portfolio.

But, that’s just my opinion.

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