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I was going to blog about a negative incident that happened the other day, but I got busy.

However, my bossette just presented me with the perfect opportunity to take up that thought where I left off.

Appreciation — I’m only interested here in the first definition: Recognition of the quality, value, significance, or magnitude of people and things.

The other evening I was working late, helping one of the other attorneys on our team with a brief. She was harried (as appellate attorneys sometimes can be with a deadline looming), and there was quite a bit to do, since she discovered that our network “ate” her afternoon revisions. After a stressful few minutes on the phone with the Operations staff, we retrieved the backup with all the edits intact (phew!). I was to carefully check to be sure all changes were made, run a table of contents (in Microsoft Word), a Westcheck report (extracting all the cases and their history using Westlaw), and prepare the court-mandated table of authorities (using Lexis-Nexis Full Authority). Clearly, I had my work cut out for me.

Here we were 6:30 in the evening, and there’s a knock on the glass doors. No one else volunteers, so I get up to go let them in. It turns out to be a messenger from a court reporting service and he’s got a bag of depositions for an attorney on another floor. I go look up the attorney’s name on the intranet, call him and tell him he has a messenger here with a delivery. (Thinking the attorney will simply say, “please have him come up to the XX floor.”) Instead, he curtly says, “Bring them to me.” Obedient puppet that I am, I say, “Okay.” I then go out to the messenger, sign for the depositions, take the elevator up to where this attorney is, go around in circles locating his office, and then, once I find it, knock on the door. He opens the door just barely enough to extend part of his face and an arm. I give him the depositions, and he shuts the door in my face. Well, guess I won’t be doing THAT favor again soon.

Contrast that with my bossette, who looked pretty frazzled herself when I got here this morning. We didn’t have one brief in the fire, we had two! One was 70+ pages and the other one was puny in comparison, about 50 pages. I quickly turned them both around. Right before I headed downstairs to grab some lunch and bring it back, she said to me, “Thanks for turning those briefs around so quickly this morning.”

Happy Valentine’s Day yourself, boss lady.

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