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Anyone Up for a Wedgie?

Posted by Joni in General

While I was standing at the elevator banks at noon returning with my and Bossette #1’s lunch, I noticed an alarming number of women (professional women, degreed women, ostensibly smart-and-want-to-be-taken-for-such women) standing there with me. All bare legged, with toes practically waving in the breeze. Wearing those huge, singularly unattractive, backless wedgies (yes, and that brings to mind another unpleasant image, eh?).

The thing that bothers me is not so much how these women look wearing those outrageous shoes (I didn’t survive the 70s the first time around; I’m not doing it again!), but rather the annoying slap, slap, slap those silly thongs (and that’s what most of them are) make as they parade up and down the halls. How professional is that, I ask you?

Well the good news is that at least these creatures can’t sneak up on me while I sit with my face buried in the computer, typing out my next blog rant….

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