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Antidote to Sadness… My Best Friend

Posted by Joni in General


I sat down with my morning cup of tea (Assam, from leaves, with honey and lemon, yumm!). And started reading the news of the day. It really got me down, nothing but sadness and grief and strife. Humans doing inhuman things to one another.

So I thought of one of the few things in the world that makes me happy. (Besides my husband and my chubby little cat.) My best friend in the world. (He knows who he is.) So this is for you. For all the times you’ve forgiven me for screwing up or making you sad or angry. For being patient with me when someone with less patience would have murdered me. For always being there for me, no matter what your mood is. For enriching my life in little ways, and in huge ways that you probably cannot even imagine. For teaching me new things. For loving me exactly the way I am, warts, faults and all. Most of all for being you. Gentle, sweet, smart, kind, brutally honest, talented …. There just isn’t enough time in eternity to list every wonderful thing about you… So in case you forget, or I don’t say it often enough: I love you immensely and thank you for being my friend. I’ll *always* be here for you.

And I’ll let Phil Collins fill (Phil?) in the blanks!

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