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Anti-Spam Bill Might Work

Posted by Joni in General

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m sick to death of spam. I have several e-mail accounts, most of which I’ve managed to shield from spammers, but the ones that didn’t escape (most notably the e-mail address used for e-Bay transactions) are flooded on a daily basis. It’s getting ridiculous.

This anti-spam bill might have a chance at changing that. We can only dare to dream. If this bill were passed, it would require U.S. “spammers” to place an ADV or ADULT:ADV tag on ALL their spam. This would make it easy to create filters that weeded those messages out. The interesting thing about this bill is the “bounty” it places on the heads of spammers who do not comply.

Of course, if you ARE concerned with your penis size, your partner’s pleasure, baldness, or are in dire need of a free PDA, laptop, business cards, and teen porn, then just don’t put those tags on your spam filter and business will continue as usual…. Let the spam roll on in.

Right now, I get about 100 pieces of e-mail a day. I’d be willing to bet that only 5-10 are legitimate e-mails directed to me personally from people I know or people needing to contact me. (To discuss something other than the size of my (nonexistent) dick!)

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