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Annoyances, Vol. 32

Posted by Joni in General

Why Volume 32? Well, I’ve completely lost track of the “annoyance” posts I have here. I must lead a miserable life, if so much in it irks me. Well, you be the judge. This week’s scrapings, in no particular order:

  1. Food service person asking me what kind of dressing I want on my Caesar Salad. Uh, CAESAR dressing, fool! (What other kind would there be? No, maybe I don’t want to know! Don’t answer that!)
  2. Type-A driver in lane next to me, where I want to be. He won’t pull ahead so I can change lanes, he hangs back. Finally, after I gun the motor and burn two gallons of gas overtaking the stupid SOB, he moves to the OTHER lane. The lane where I was. Why didn’t he just GO THERE to begin with. Sheesh.
  3. The goober pea at the McDonald’s kiosk in the hospital who asked me what kind of milk I wanted, white or chocolate. Sigh. Milk is milk. Chocolate milk is chocolate flavored milk. If I had wanted chocolate milk, I simply would have ASKED FOR IT. This numbnuts must be related to Idiot #1 above.
  4. the CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) on the night shift who insists on changing Robert into a clean gown and bed sheets BEFORE doing his cath and bowel program. We are talking pee and poop here. The prudent thing to do would be to get those two things out of the way, THEN change the bedding and clothes. C’mon, peeps. It’s NOT THAT HARD!! Reason it out. Think it through!

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