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Space shuttle photos back! Earth really is flat!

This just in: Weather Channel reports Hell just froze over!

Acidman apologizes for “being so hard” on Steve Den Beste. Quoth the craven:

I want to be corrosive, but I don’t want to be blind-assed mean. I forgot where the line was.

Here’s what we like to call in my line of work a VISUAL AID:


But of course since me and my little old blog rate nothing in the scheme of the Almighty Blogosphere, I got no apology. When will people learn to attack the concept and not the person behind it? (When personal attacks start, you know reason has gone right out the window. They’re fresh out of it. So we have to start on the personal attacks.) But, to me, an insult is an insult, no matter how you attempt to dress it up or jsutify it. (As Judge Sam Kent was wont to say, “Even if you put a calico dress on it and call it Florence, at the end of the day, a pig is still a pig,”

And of course, a person is free to write anything one desires (legal liabilities notwithstanding) on his or her own web space. You know the saying, “I said it; I meant it; I’m here to represent it.” And generally, he does just that. And I’d have been content to let his vitriole (directed toward ME for reasons I’ve yet to understand) slide. Why? Because he never apologizes to anyone for anything. So the first mistake here was in APOLOGIZING this one time. Why is this time any different from any of the other times? That’s a question only the great Assed Man himself can answer.

Yet, I don’t think he should have his cake and eat it too. I see a double standard here. I don’t “pride” myself on what a complete asshole I can be. It’s just not an aspiration of mine. But I wish Acidman all the best (Beste?) in the world as he attempts to claw his way to the top of the shitpile to become

The perfect asshole.

Not. One. Single. Hemorrhoid.

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