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Amazon Scam Alert

Posted by Joni in Current Events


I sent an e-gift card to a friend this morning via the Amazon.com web site. I got the usual, customary Amazon confirming email indicating my order had been placed.

Weirdly, about an hour later, I got a phone call from a local number which went to voice mail. Here is the voice mail. I thought it was odd so decided to call Amazon to see if they had indeed contacted me about the gift card order. They had not. And in fact, they told me they had been inundated with calls this morning even from people who do not have Amazon accounts. There is a huge scam afoot right now. DO NOT click on any links sent to you in a suspicious text, as it is likely a phishing attempt.

Here is the voice message:

And here is what Amazon WILL send you when you attempt to initiate a phone call with them for customer support:

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