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All That We Dream…

Posted by Joni in General

is but a dream within a dream? Or so thought Edgar Allen Poe. I had a dream last night. Well, more like a nightmare. It was about the office. My boss made a comment (in the dream) about my lack of productivity and I lashed out at her with everything I had in me. My subconscious bile, which I’ve been able to keep at bay during my waking hours, spilled out. It was an incredible power trip. Then, in the dream, I spent the rest of the day sulking around and doing my work in a very sullen manner. Then I woke up. Robert had gotten up early this morning and had a nice big cup of hot coffee ready for me. And thank heaven it’s Saturday!

Excuse me for sharing that. I usually subscribe to the theory that other people’s dreams — like other people’s drug trips — are usually interesting only to those who they’ve happened to. I’ll shut up now!

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