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Adult Language

Posted by Joni in General

If cursing and foul language turns you off, then this is your final warning before clicking on the link below.

I fucking hate that stupid laptop and the goddam dialup connection. Forget about posting in draft mode, then setting the alarm for 30 minutes later to change “Draft” to “Publish” to buy some naptime. The fucking infernal shit isn’t going to cooperate. The damn laptop froze up, which meant I had to take the battery out, then disconnect the power supply, and reboot the damn thing. At least ten freaking times before Windoze finally came back on. Glacially slow to load, then wait for the damn dialup to finish, navigate to the MT console. At least ten minutes went by before I got to the Edit Entry screen. Shit fire. This sucks. I cannot even begin to convey my disgust.

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