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A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words?

Posted by Joni in Culture, Current Events, Pixtures


Not if it’s a photo of a beheading or other war atrocity. I just don’t buy into the theory that you MUST VIEW such an image to comprehend its savagery. Anyone with a fundamental sense of decency knows that it’s just plain wrong.

I do not need to see photos of bodies piled sky high awaiting their turn in the ovens at Dachau, et al. or the unblinking eyes of Cambodian or Viet Namese children, bodies ravaged by effects of napalm, to comprehend that what happened to them is wrong. I don’t need to see photos of twisted metal and flesh to know that to get behind the wheel of a car impaired in ANY way is to ask for just such a disaster.

Is it just me?

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