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A Perfect Friendship

Posted by Joni in About Him, About Me, Online Life

Root had a thought-provoking post on his Textpattern blog and I started to write a comment and then decided rather than to clutter up my good buddy’s comment box, that those comments deserved their own full blown post here.

What an interesting topic. And I now can say unequivocally that it is possible to meet someone online, develop a very close, emotionally intimate relationship with them without ever having laid eyes on them. I blogged about one such friend here:

I’ve known this person nearly two years. At first it was just friendly chit chat about our shared love of web design. So we chatted intermittently at first. Sometime around the second month or so, we began to chat regularly and stayed online with each other while we worked, 5300 miles apart, on our respective web projects, chatting and baring our souls to one another. That was approximately two years ago. For the past 20 months or so, we have NEVER gone a single day, a single 24-hour period, without touching base with one another. Either by ICQ, GoogleTalk or email. Not even on moving day, when my internet connection was down most of the day!! And I’ve called him on the telephone a couple of times, on his birthday and at other times, and we know what each other sounds like. We share photos of ourselves and I dare say that either of us could pick the other one out of a crowd of hundreds at this point.

I am reluctant to say this man, nearly 30 years my junior, is my soulmate, because I already have one of those in the form of Robert, but he comes darn close. He’s been there for me, emotionally, during some rocky times this past year. And just like with Robert, I feel this friend and I have a friendship that will last until one of us dies. How often does anyone ever find such a one (let alone TWO?!) in real life or otherwise? I love my friend dearly and would be so lost without him. He has shown me his culture, shared his country’s history, some secrets and quite a good bit of wonderful music and literature with me. I am constantly learning from him although, as I mentioned, he is many years my junior. But he has an old soul. And since I refuse to act my own age, we meet, mentally and emotionally, somewhere around 35! And the best part, my husband adores him too! So I have two wonderful men in my life! Whatever did I do to deserve THAT!?

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  1. Root

    Hey that is great story. And your husband loves him too. wow :) Please e-me on the biz thing if poss. See ya! Root


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