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A Note on the STS 107 Mission

Posted by Joni in Current Events


I found this at the Mission Status section of the Kennedy Space Center web site.

Shuttle Columbia continues to perform well on its SPACEHAB microgravity research mission. On the medical research front, work with the bone and prostate cancer studies continued in the Bioreactor Demonstration System, and crewmembers participated in experiments for the Physiology and Biochemistry suite….

(Emphasis added.)

To Acidman, who had the audacity to think that this shuttle mission was without a purpose. It might not have been a grand or mighty purpose, but as he can see, it hits pretty close to the crackerbox.

Of course the irony of it all may very well be that most of the scientific data gathered was lost along with the crew members. No one has answered that question yet, to my knowledge. What happens to the data? Surely some of it has already been sent back down ahead time.

And that, my friends, is ALL I’m going to say on this matter today. You may make book on it.

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