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A Nip Slip

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This was just too darn funny not to share. It happened at Big Law last night. I was given a project, a “dupe and revise,” which means take a document on the system, save it as a new document and make the revisions. In this case, we were taking one client’s document and modifying it for another client. The lawyer hand-wrote, in fairly legible, scripty, flowing hand, all his desired edits. Among them were changing the name of the city, the amount of money involved and other such things. Okay, no problem. Change to City of Areola, change to $2,500,000, etc., etc., etc. I generally do a search and replace and go through the document making the swap that way.

So a bit later in the document, I see it references the county seat of the city in question. Hmm. Did he miss this? Is the new city in the same county as the old city? So I Googled “City of Areola Texas” expecting to get a Wikipedia page telling me what county in Texas it is located in. But no. I get all kinds of references to plastic surgery, nipple reduction surgery, “Are you unhappy with your body?” and others. Wikipedia isn’t even on the first page. So I bring in the artillery:

areola texas site:en.wikipedia.org

Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. So I think to myself, something’s not right here. I go back to the first page of the document to read the revisions once more. ArCola. Arcola, Texas. Yeesh. And of course my night supervisor, when I mentioned this to her, being a woman of great wit herself, told me, “I bet that makes you feel like a real boob, huh?!

P.S. But just in case you do want to know, Areola … is in Nipple County, Texas!

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