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A Meme Late and a Dollar Short….

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Okay, turn about is fair play. This “quiz” was on Acidman’s blog a few weeks ago. I read his replies with interest. And since I’m still up here at the office, pulling my “all nighter,” I decided to take a break. So here goes. Recycled for your indifference:

1) What’s a Low Country Boil? (if you can’t answer that question, name a dish from YOUR region of the country that outsiders never heard of) Yes, I did answer that correctly. I read cookbooks like your next door neighbor Hannah Jo Smith reads her Bible. But if you want a regional dish (to South Texas anyway), check out my “Tres Leches” (Three Milks) Cake recipe which I posted here about a week ago.

2) Do you prefer a bath or a shower? Shower. Even despite the fact that men aren’t lining up at my door to drink my bathwater, somehow the thought of sitting around in it just doesn’t appeal. I DO like a tub bath AFTER I’ve had a shower, though, and have been known to fall asleep thusly.

3) What do you believe is your most attractive physical feature? Hrm. I have been told my toes. But I prefer my hair which I haven’t had to dye, not yet anyway.

4) Have you ever told a deliberate lie to spare a friend’s feelings? Yes, and I wished I hadn’t. She was clueless. She was dating this guy who was half her age and as dumb as a post. She approached me one day and asked me if she could ask me a question and would I be totally honest with her? I thought to myself, Yippee, here it comes, here comes my chance to tell her what I really think about her hamster of a boyfriend. But her question to me was, “Do you think I look my age?” Uh, totally caught off guard there, and when I’m not thinking straight, the reflex is to lie my sweet Southern ass off!

5) Do you ever dream about being unexplainedly nekkid at work? “Dream” and “work” are two mutually exclusive concepts. I try not to dream about work at all. So the answer is “no.”

6) Have you ever broken someone’s heart? Probably not, and certainly not intentionally.

7) Are you a registered organ donor? No, but in Texas, that apparently doesn’t seem to be too big an obstacle to the medical community GETTING your organs.

8) Who gave you your first romantic kiss? Robert, of course!

9) Even if you’re happily married today, do you still sometimes think about an old flame? Who was he/she? Other than the dirtwad that I wrote about below (who is ostensibly dying of liver disease as we blog), I only sometimes think of another old flame. We only dated three months, but it took me almost an entire year to get over that man. He was a musician (Delta blues) living in Austin, Texas, but hailing from Dalton, Georgia. He had the dreamiest dimples and sweet ways. Unfortunately for me, I could not see past his wining and dining me and showing me off to all his friends for what it really was. A ploy to get his ex-wife back. Ugh. Live and learn, I suppose.

10) Do you pay attention to which way the toilet paper is put in the hanger? Should it unroll from the front or the back? What do you think I am? An ignorant slut who doesn’t know that the paper must roll from the bottom to the top just the way my dear mother taught me? Yeesh!

Peace, Love and all that other Hippie Crap….

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