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A is for Apple; Z is for Zune

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Anyone who truly knows me knows how important music is to me. I must have it wherever I go, in every room in the house. The TV? Not so much.

So tonight, I sat down to my computer to try to get four songs I’d downloaded from Apple Music/iTunes onto my computer to (1) burn to CD to listen to on my revamped sound system, and (2) transfer them to my Zunes. (Yes, plural.)

Why three Zunes? WTF, Joni? Well, I have a brown one, a white one, and a pink one. Pink is my favorite color (it’s the color of my iPhone case, too). That Zune is in my bedroom, connected to an Altec-Lansing Zune speaker dock. The white Zune is in the dining room for soft jazz when entertaining or working in the kitchen (docked to a second Altec-Lansing speaker dock), and the third one, the brown one, originally bought for Roberto, is in my car.

I’ve never liked iTunes. It is a hoggy program, and despite being made by Apple, the interface is decidedly not intuitive, at least not to my way of thinking. Sadly, Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s iPod failed miserably. Still, like me, there are some die-hards out there that while we can no longer stream or purchase music from Zune (it’s been replaced by Microsoft Groove, but your Groove downloads won’t play on your zune), you can still mess around with what you do have. And that’s all I plan to do.

The Zune interface is a lot clearer and it’s much easier to right-click and do the things you’d expect to be able to do with a sound file, such as convert it to MP3, sync it to the Zune (if it’s not there already), send it to a playlist, or put it on a burn list.

Also, having just signed up for Apple Music, as it had been nagging me to do, I *thought* I could still purchase music since it had my credit card info. Nope, nosiree bob. Apple is just licensing you to listen to the music. You can only listen to it on your iOS devices. God help you if you want to download it to your computer (so you can move it to your Zune).

Thankfully, the songs I wanted were also available on YouTube so I found a handy converter to get them to MP3 format, and onto my hard drive, where by Zunes could see them.

So that’s what I’ve been doing for the last hour.

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