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A Flood of Excuses

Posted by Joni in Current Events

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On Monday, Houston was hit hard with torrential rains and flooding, especially the northwest side of town. Our City Council finally approved a capital improvement plan that has been a year in the making! A year!! This divine plan was triggered by the devastating flood in June 2001 (in which I lost my entire car!). And it should have been in place before now. If you read the article, you’ll see that the City fathers are pleading poverty. And blaming their reluctance to go forward on a doubtful economy. Okay, yeah, blame September 11 for EVERYTHING.

I think there are bigger battles to fight (and fund) than the likes of Landry’s Aquarium Tower. (The City alleges that the Tower was not part of the original plans they were presented with and approved so they are going to fight it. And of course I cannot find my Chron link to save my neck. I’ll get it later.) Or the K-Mart parking lot mass arrest debacle.

So BUT FOR all those trials and tribulations, I suppose the City could have approved that capital improvement plan long before now.

Sigh. I love my town. No, really.

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