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A Few More Designs

Posted by Joni in About Me

I’ve been on a creative bender today. Which makes Robert happy. He’s in the other room watching “the races at Talladega.” Or so he tells me.

My new default skin is a bit different. I’ve dispensed with the sidebar and just put all that junk on its own page. So all you see on the front page is me, me and more me. I’m going to stick with that style for awhile for myself. Of course the beauty of skinned sites is that you can do what you want. There are about 25 skins now available. Surely you can find something that appeals to you.

Another skin I just created is cactus-themed. It occurs to me that I seem to do a lot of skins in shades of green. I never realized this before, but it sure looks like green must be a favorite color of mine.

Finally, I resurrected one of my first designs, blue marbles. A friend of mine at work really liked it. But I was never quite happy with it as it was, so I tweaked it a bit and am somewhat more satisfied with the layout and color scheme now.

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