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A Car By Any Other Name

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I started to comment to Sivad’s post about women naming their cars. He actually may very well believe that no man names his car. That this is the sole province of woman. Not so, say I.

I myself have named each and every one of the 300ZXs I’ve ever had (and until now, that’s all I’d driven for the past 18 or so years) … Simone, Monette, Caitlin and Angel. And now my Honda Accord goes by the name Jane F. Honda.

A friend has a Nissan 350Z which she lovingly refers to as Penelope. And at work, this friend is (lovingly?) referred to as Penelope Pitstop by her co-workers.

Yet another friend, and this gal is the President of the Z Club of Houston, and she’s got more Z cars than you can shake a stick at. Each has a name. You better believe it!

But of course, above, I’ve spoken only of women. Let’s take on the guys, shall we? I know many members of my car club (and yes, they still love me even though I now drive a lowly Honda), all MEN, who have names for their cars. Of course, most of these names start with Z: Zedra, Zanthippe, Zara, Zeda, etc. And some of those guys spend as much money on those cars as some other men do on expensive call girls or Cuban cigars or … well you name it.

A car, is after all, if you are a guy, just another toy. And what’s the difference between a man and a boy? Just the size of the toy, yep, that’s all.

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