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I’m really hoping that I don’t have anything to say after this because I want Joni to be the one to actually make post #600. Somehow, I’d feel guilty if I did it. She’s a gracious hostess and I wouldn’t want to take that away from her.

I really miss having my own place, ya know? I just don’t ever seem to get as comfy here as I do in my own home. I mean, when you’re a guest, you don’t normally wander around nude, farting, scratching yourself all over the place.

Speaking of farting and such, I miss my guy! Ever the romantic, I sent him this email:

Wish you were here. For a good many reasons. I miss you …. immensely. Those uh … dirty … thoughts you were having? Count me in!

I miss hearing your voice, hearing the tickety-tackety of the keys on the keyboard as you pounded out commands and posts. Commands/posts. Command post. Sorry. Lost in that weirdness for a sec.

Heh. Everytime I attempted to spell sec it came out sex. I don’t think that was too Freudian, do you?

I wanna hear you cough, fart, blow your nose, and say my name. Not all at the same time. But, honestly, I wouldn’t care if that’s how it came out. I miss you that much.

Anyhow, I think I might post this. Would you mind?


Gawd. I’m too fucking sappy for my own good. Sweet nothings like that flow freely from my mouth all the damn time. Ain’t he a lucky guy? I’m all about the romance, baby!

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