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2010 Was a Lossy Year (And I’m Not Talking JPEGs!)

Posted by Joni in Holiday, Obits

Every time the new year rolls around, I am naievely hopeful. Hoping that the coming year will be better than the one before it. Generally they are, as all forward movement is usually a good thing.

But I can honestly say that when I ring out 2010, I will be kicking it’s ugly behind right out the back door. This was a year of quite a few profound losses for me. My cat, a few web design clients and an old beau. The economy is still slumping, and while I’m glad I still have my job to whine about, there were more cutbacks there as well. So 2011 by default has gotta be better than 2010.

Goodbye, 2010, I won’t be sorry to see you go. But I am sorry to see these folks gone…

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