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100 Things About 100 Bloggers

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Don’t know where I am on the Yankee Blogger’s project [link removed; it’s now a porn site], but here goes:

  1. I love cats.
  2. I don’t like dogs.
  3. I won’t eat celery, garbanzo beans, cottage cheese or Spam.
  4. I believe I had a happy childhood.
  5. Money was tight when I was growing up, so I learned to be frugal and I learned appreciation for what I had.
  6. I am adopted.
  7. I found out about it in the funeral car on the way to my adoptive mother’s funeral.
  8. My adoptive mother was 58 when she took me (at birth) to raise.
  9. I can sing the Israeli national anthem (Hatikva) in Hebrew.
  10. I am Lutheran, not Jewish.
  11. I started blogging when I read Carol’s blog back in June.
  12. I pluck out gray hairs when I find them.
  13. I have never had breast augmentation or any other kind of plastic surgery.
  14. I do not have pierced ears (or anything else)
  15. I do have a tattoo on my ankle.
  16. It is of a guy’s name.
  17. A guy I am no longer seeing.
  18. Fortunately, his name is “Moody.”
  19. I’d like to get a second tattoo right underneath it that says “Bitch.”
  20. I am told I resemble the “fat Heart sister” [Ann Wilson]
  21. If I won the lottery I’d go out and buy a Hummer H1
  22. And a vintage Bricklin SV1.
  23. I love the beach.
  24. And the smell of fresh-mown grass.
  25. I love to get in my car and drive even if I don’t have anywhere to go.
  26. I failed typing in high school, yet I am a legal secretary (and a good one at that).
  27. I am lazy at home and tend to let Robert take care of most of the household chores.
  28. I hope I pass away before Robert does because I don’t want to have to deal with his death. It would upset me too much.
  29. The worst feeling in the world is losing someone you love; I felt that when my mother died.
  30. She comes to me in dreams every once in awhile, especially when I am troubled. I think she’s looking after me.
  31. I do not get along with my half brothers.
  32. I adore my step brother.
  33. I was not popular in high school, I was just one of the nerds.
  34. I suspect I am addicted to the Internet.
  35. I’d love to be paid to design web pages.
  36. My gravy always comes out lumpy.
  37. But I make a fantastic chocolate cream cheese pie.
  38. I am a Cancer.
  39. I am a cancer survivor.
  40. I collect art glass baskets.
  41. I may be addicted to e-Bay.
  42. I have taken some supplies home from the office.
  43. I don’t smoke.
  44. I don’t drink anymore.
  45. I roll the toilet paper and the paper towel rolls under from the back.
  46. I was born on Sunday.
  47. In San Antonio, Texas.
  48. In July.
  49. People always think I’m younger than I am (49).
  50. I don’t believe I act my age.
  51. I have no patience with slow or lazy waitpersons.
  52. If I don’t feel the service was good, I leave a penny. That way, they won’t think I simply “forgot” to tip them.
  53. I am a generous tipper if the service is good.
  54. My drink of choice is iced tea.
  55. I have to have two cups of coffee (laced with Hazelnut coffee creamer) in the morning to get started, then it’s tea the rest of the day.
  56. Mr. K (Yutaka Katayama, “father of the Z-Car”) signed my 300 ZX’s sun shade plate.
  57. I have been called “intense.”
  58. Some people mistake this intensity for anger (it’s not).
  59. I keep to myself at work.
  60. I won’t have an inkjet printer in my house. Years of working in an office has spoiled me for the laser jet.
  61. I think I have a pretty nice computer set up.
  62. I wish I had have a Sony Mavica.
  63. I once made a list of people whom I could make cry.
  64. When I first met Robert, I didn’t like him; I thought he was arrogant and full of himself.
  65. I firmly believe that Robert is my soul mate.
  66. My nickname as a child was “babydoll.”
  67. My nickname now is “Jonesy”
  68. I feel very confident in my knowledge of CSS and HTML.
  69. I wish I could get the hang of Flash and JavaScript.
  70. I wish I was on more people’s blogrolls.
  71. I am a published writer.
  72. I got to see The Patti Smith Group, Patty Smythe, Honeymoon Suite, Jethro Tull, Acoustic Alchemy and Charlie Musslewhite live in concert.
  73. I have a thing for my cats’ toes and tails.
  74. I like to smell things, especially cloth and leather.
  75. I chew my fingerpads when I’m nervous.
  76. Showers, NEVER baths.
  77. I don’t worry anymore about whether someone thinks I’m too fat, too loud or too anything else.
  78. I always raised the grading curve in any class I was in during High School.
  79. I became good friends with my sixth grade teacher after I was grown and got a job. Turns out she was a really nice human being after all.
  80. I learned to drive a standard when I was 30 years old (on a 1983 Ford Escort Station Wagon)
  81. I have never learned to ride a bicycle.
  82. I have never learned to blow bubblegum.
  83. I lost my virginity to Robert at age 22.
  84. I was a very sheltered child.
  85. I want have broadband.
  86. My most admired writer is Robert Jensen.
  87. I am very frustrated right now trying to install and use GreyMatter on my blog. I gave up Greymatter and blazed through MovableType, Textpattern and am now settled on WordPress.
  88. As a child, I could entertain myself for hours drawing.
  89. When I was young, I thought I wanted to be a disc jockey or an architect.
  90. I had a crush on a disc jockey in San Antonio when I was in my teens.
  91. I created a ruse to go see him at the radio station when I was 16 years old.
  92. He kissed me.
  93. I wish I’d spent more time listening to my mother’s stories.
  94. I wish I could find her recipe for Tomato Soup Cake.
  95. I think my mother would be happy with the person I am today.
  96. I am well respected among the attorneys where I work.
  97. I’m not sure the other secretaries like me, but I’m not sure I care.
  98. I don’t care too much for children.
  99. Wake up, I’m fat.
  100. And it’s also a good book by Camryn Manheim.

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